Make Time to Pay Yourself Forward: How to get done what you need to do so you can do what you want


It’s been a while since I’ve let my mind slow down enough to allow me to write.  My video blog (watch me daily on Facebook) has been a lot of fun, and is my medium of choice because my (self-diagnosed) ADD mind wanders too quickly to be put down on paper or the technological equivalent.  But having a moment to stop and think makes me recognize the crucial importance of time, and how necessary it is to master it in order to get what we need done.

The famous financial book The Richest Man In Babylon first recorded the fundamental principle of accumulating wealth: pay yourself first.  Before you pay the bills, figure out how much you’re going to put aside, and put it aside before anything else.  Inevitably, money not specifically earmarked for something will go down the booze, coffee, or unnecessary expenses drain before it finds its way into your savings or hopefully investment account.

The same must be true for time.  You need to pay yourself first with your time.  What that means is that you have to write out the necessary tasks you’d like to accomplish that day and how much time they will take, and WHEN YOU WANT TO DO THEM.  If you master that skill, you will be amazed with how much you can do.

As the world becomes more complicated, and more things vie for your time through the endless sea of information presented via social media, time not allocated to do what you want to do simply won’t happen.  Everything else in the world will take your time leaving you with the gnawing sense of feeling busy but getting nothing valuable accomplished.

What is valuable to be accomplished?  Could be your school work, homework, or anything else.  But what is EXTREMELY valuable but oftentimes left off the “to do” list are the things that will make you better long terms.  The investment in self.  These things include going to the gym, spending quality time with the people you love, and investing in your education.

Everyone goes to school, but few people get an education.  Read books.  Lots of books.  Listen to podcasts or watch informational videos on YouTube.  THERE IS SO MUCH OUT  THERE.  Invest some time in yourself, in making you better and more marketable.  Guaranteed if you don’t put that time in your calendar as if it were an unbreakable appointment, it won’t happen.  And if it doesn’t happen, you walk the road of mediocrity, working for the people that made time to grow themselves.


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